Welcome to BARC


Our goal is to provide your pet with the most comprehensive program of exercise and therapeutic modality stimulation for post-operative return to function, weight loss, or relief of pain. Our staff follows the therapy methods established by the University of Tennessee and University of North Carolina physical therapy certification program. 


Physical therapy includes examining and evaluating patients with impairments, functional limitations, disabilities, and other health-related conditions to determine a diagnosis, prognosis, and intervention. The overall goal of physical therapy and rehabilitation is to return the affected part and animal to full function. The concept of physical therapy is new to animals and has evolved rapidly over the past few years into its own specialty. In the veterinary medical world, just as in human medicine, there are many surgical procedures and health conditions that require extensive physical therapy for complete recovery.  


Initial consultation and therapy sessions are available by appointment. Evening hours are also available. Pets may be dropped off for their therapy sessions if needed for convenience.